Commercial Pilot


To hold oneself out for Compensation or Hire

Eligibility Requirements:

Hold at least a Private Certificate

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a 2nd Class Medical
  • Pass the Airman’s Knowledge Test
  • Pass the Oral and Practical Test

Minimum Flight Experience:

  • 150 hours total Flight Time
    1. 100hrs in Powered Aircraft
    2. 100 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC)
      • 35hrs PIC in Helicopters
      • 10hrs X-C in Helicopters
    3. 20hrs Dual Instruction including:
      • 5 hours Instrument Training in an aircraft or flight simulator
      • 2 hours Day X-C in Helicopters
      • 2 hours Night X-C in Helicopters
      • 3 hours in Helicopters in Preparation for the Test
    4. 10 hours Solo Flight in Helicopters including:
      • 1 X-C flight, with 3pts of landing, over 50nm
      • 5 hours at Night VFR with 10 Take-offs and Landings