About Lakeshore Helicopter

About Lakeshore Helicopter

Lakeshore Helicopter is dedicated to quality Helicopter Flight Instruction and Maintenance. Our flight instructors have thousands of hours of experience and our philosophy is to teach “real world flying” while having fun, not to just “pass the test.” For the rated pilot, Helicopter Rental is available. Our on-line scheduling makes booking the aircraft and instructor easy and convenient.

Charter Service

For those times when you absolutely positively have to be there the day before yesterday, our Helicopter Charter Services, provided by Lakeshore Charters, LLC, is here to serve Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond. Chicago and Milwaukee are our primary markets for our charter service.

Scenic Tours

One of our many services that we provide is Scenic Tours, which can be customized to suit your needs. Providing the best flight experience for the best price, using the safest helicopter, the Robinson R44 you can see the sights of the beautiful Midwestern USA.

Top Class Helicopter Maintenance

Lakeshore Helicopter specializes in Helicopter Maintenance, and is one of the best in the Midwest. Our mechanics are factory trained and their attention to detail provides top quality maintenance. (Ask about our Mobile Maintenance)


Whether buying or selling your aircraft, you may be interested in our Brokering Services. Our in depth knowledge and years of experience can help you sell or buy the helicopter that meets your needs and budget.