Long Line Training

* From The Basics To Advanced Loads

* External Load / Vertical Reference

Helicopter long line training is an essential skill for pilots, involving the use of a long line or rope suspended from the helicopter to transport cargo or personnel to remote or inaccessible locations.

Pilots undergo rigorous training to master the precise maneuvers required to safely maneuver and control the load while in flight, ensuring both the safety of the cargo and those on the ground.

The training covers various scenarios, including lifting and transporting heavy loads, precision placement of cargo, and navigating challenging terrain and weather conditions.

Students learn the importance of weight distribution, load stability, and effective communication with ground personnel to execute missions efficiently and safely.

Upon completion of training, pilots are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to undertake a wide range of operations, from construction and firefighting to search and rescue missions, contributing to the versatility and effectiveness of helicopter operations.