Flight Charter

When time is of the essence, helicopter travel offers an efficient tool for avoiding traffic jams and congestion, transferring corporate personnel between tightly scheduled events, or getting executives to international airports without the headache of traffic challenges. In fact, the ability of a helicopter to land at numerous sites is one of its greatest attractions.

Now, you can experience the transportation flexibility you’ve been looking for when you partner with Lakeshore Charters. Whether it’s a long-term contract or just a short flight across town, block time contracts offer you the flexibility of air travel without the cost of ownership. Arrangements can be made for monthly or yearly blocks of time at reduced rates.

Maximize your productivity while minimizing your investment by experiencing the benefits of owning a helicopter without the commitment and costs associated with private or fractional ownership.

As a key decision maker, your ability to attend meetings on location while eliminating many hours of driving or long waits in regional airports become possible with executive business charter flights. Imagine how distinctive and prestigious helicopter travel will make your journey.

Relax and be comfortable as our management team customizes your flight to your specifications. Our first-class executive concierge services can supply a charter helicopter and pilot integrated into your existing travel arrangements or as a total end-to-end travel service even offering ground transportation to make your entire trip seamless.

Helicopter travel is an efficient and luxurious way to travel. It is safe, secure, and convenient with the ability to arrive and depart at multiple locations on the same day. When you calculate hourly rates for company officials, estimate the daily cost of two to three executives, and then factor in hours of car travel, helicopter charter adds up to a great value.

Lakeshore Charters is designed with the corporate image in mind.

We provide:

  • A fleet of meticulous and well-maintained helicopters.
  • Experienced crews and professionally trained captains.
  • Flight services and contracts designed for your needs.
  • Convenient hotel and airline pick-up.
  • Ground transportation and limousine service.
  • Round-the-clock scheduling.
  • Door-to-door service for the discerning executive.
  • King Air Charter Available
  • Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA)

Lakeshore Charters meets or exceeds the most stringent requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration for 14CFR Part 135 as an On-Demand Air Carrier.