Questions To Ask

You should visit the school and meet the people involved, checkout the aircraft and the operation. You should obtain the following information.

  • Rate sheets broken down by aircraft rental, dual instruction, and solo.
  • How is time charged? Is it from the time you walk in the door, or is when the helicopter is started or what?
  • How many hours and how much the license will cost? Is the quote based on FAA minimum or typical student?
  • Do you have to put money down in advance?
  • Are block rates available? If so, How much? Block rates save you money!
  • Insurance information. Look at insurance information closely. Do you have to pay a deductible if you should damage the helicopter?
  • What is the deductible?
  • How many instructors and their experience, if they are full time or part time, pass/ fail ratio.
  • How many helicopters? (multiple ship operations have fewer scheduling problems)
  • How are the helicopters maintained? Who does the maintenance?
  • Is a ground school offered? Cost and schedule?
  • Is a course syllabus available?
  • Books and pilot supplies, cost and availability.
  • Who will be conducting the check ride? How much will that cost?
  • The names and numbers of a couple of recent graduates, and currently enrolled students that are willing to act as references.
  • Does the school offer an introductory flight lesson? (Good way to find out if you really want to do this with minimal money spent.)
  • Is financing available for your instruction?